2020 Ford Thunderbird Very Impressive

2020 Ford Thunderbird
2020 Ford Thunderbird

Ford will release the new 2020 Ford Thunderbird  in 2020. This new sports sedan still uses the classic structure. The features and the design will be modern. This new Thunderbird 2020 will have some new features. Surely it will be better than the previous Thunderbird model. Both on the exterior and the interior are the improvements of this new Thunderbird model.

The new Thunderbird 2020 will be the successor of the previous Thunderbird model. The engine of this new model will be better regarding power and fuel efficiency than the predecessor. The materials for the body and chassis will be lighter than the previous Thunderbird model. All the improvements will make this new Thunderbird as a great sports sedan.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Exterior
2020 Ford Thunderbird Exterior

The Exterior Design

The exterior design of the new Thunderbird have some improvements. This improvement will make the 2020 Ford Thunderbird more stylish and elegant than the previous model. The improvements at the front design of this sports sedan is luxurious. Grille comes in a new model which gives more air supply to the engine. The headlights also will better because it uses the LED lights.

The LED lights give a good illumination in any roads and climates condition. the Ford logo at the front accompanies the new grille and the new headlights . At the back of this new Thunderbird 2020, some changes also can be found. The changes will make this sports sedan looks sturdy and stylish at the back. At the back of the Thunderbird 2020 you will find new LED taillights

The materials of the body will be lighter and stronger than the predecessor. It will reduce the overall body weight of the new Thunderbird. It will give benefits for the engine. The new Ford Thunderbird brings better acceleration and fuel consumption than the predecessor . The new 2020 Ford Thunderbird will use 18-inch wheels. The overall of the exterior design is great and amazing.

2020 Ford Thunderbird Interior
2020 Ford Thunderbird Interior

The Interior Design

The interior design of the new Thunderbird 2020 will full of modern features and technologies. The cabin will use two colors. The dashboard will be covered by black leather. The black leather also covers the steering wheel, and the top and back row. The other color will be the blue-green color. Those colors combination can give a stylish and elegant appearance for the cabin.

This new Thunderbird brings some modern technologies. The touchscreen display is a must feature for this modern sports sedan. The Thunderbird uses touchscreen display  to control some features of this car and also provides some important information for the driver and passengers. The cabin will be spacious and convenient for the legs and head of the driver and the passengers.

The Powertrain

The engine of the new Ford Thunderbird 2020 will use a more powerful engine than the current Thunderbird model. The engine will use an Aj-35 V8 VVT engine. This powerful engine will be able to deliver 280 horsepower and 286 pounds of torque. The new Ford Thunderbird will use a 6-speed manual transmission for the gearbox.

AS stated above, the lighter materials of the body and chassis give some benefits for the engine. This engine can produce more power and better acceleration than the current Thunderbird model. The top speed is also increased.

The Prices

The new Thunderbird 2020 will be released sometime in 2020. There is no any information from Ford about the release date of this new Thunderbird. It also happens to the price. Ford has not released any information about it. The industry rumor said that the new Thunderbird would be priced at $38.500. When the new 2020 Ford Thunderbird hit the market, it will be a great rival for other sports sedans from other manufacturers.

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