2020 Mazda RX8 the King of the Road

2020 Mazda RX8
2020 Mazda RX8

The 2020 Mazda RX8 is ready to enter the market soon in 2020. Many fans of RX8 around the world should be happy. The new Mazda RX8 will have a new design based on the anticipated MX-5 Miata. Surely the upcoming Mazda RX8 will be great in all aspects. The performance of the new RX8 will be stunning.

There are many rumors about the upcoming Mazda RX8. Some rumors said that the new RX 8 would have a new chassis. The chassis will be stronger than the previous model to deliver the output from the engine. The body weight will remain the same with the predecessor, around 2,888 lbs. So, it will be very interesting to see the changes of the RX8’s body.

There is another important rumor about this new RX8. The rumor said that Mazda release the new Mazda RX8  in a different nameplate. But, it is still a rumor. The Mazda will launch RX8 for the first time in the US. You will find some important information about this car from this article. Stay tune.

2020 Mazda RX8 Exterior
2020 Mazda RX8 Exterior

The Exterior Design

Talking the exterior design of the new Mazda RX8 will be interesting. As a new car, any spy-shots will attract many attentions from the fans. They expect something new and great for the exterior design. To hit the market, the new RX8 should have a futuristic and stylish exterior. Many of its competitors have a stunning exterior design.

There will be two models for the new RX8. The first model will come as a 2-door coupe. The other one will come with a 4-dor coupe for the premium model. Both of the front and the back design of the new RX8 will be elegant and stylish. At the front, it still use the basic design of the predecessor. The new 2020 Mazda RX8 will use the LED headlights for a good illumination.

At the front, the grille also comes with the new design. It comes with Mazda logo at the center of the front. Let’s move to the back of this car. The design will be fresh although it has the same basic design as the previous model. The changes will make it looks better than the predecessor. So, overall of the exterior design will be more stylish and futuristic than the previous RX8.

2020 Mazda RX8 Interior
2020 Mazda RX8 Interior

The Interior Design

The interior of the upcoming Mazda RX8 will be great and sporty. There will a be four-seat coupe and a seat of rear centered doors. The cars will be available with many safety features. The dashboard will have a new design with modern technologies. On the dashboard, there will be a touchscreen display to control some features of the car.

The entertainment center  uses the touchscreen display. It will be combined with the premium audio sound system and HD radio. Some other features such as wireless and USB ports also can be found inside the car. The cabin size will be large and comfortable for your head and legs. Then, the seats will use the premium leather as the cover.

The Powertrain

There are some rumors about the engine. Some rumors said that the Wankel Rotary engine would be redesigned using the philosophy of the Mazda’s SkyActiv design. It will be a powerful engine for the new Mazda RX8. This powerful engine will be combined with the new chassis for a great acceleration and fuel consumption.

This engine will be powerful and responsive. The RX8 engine will be combined with a 6-speed guidebook or with an automatic transmission system. The combination of the engine and the transmission will be able to produce 232 horsepower at 9,000 rates/min. This car surely is a beast.

The Prices

Mazda will launch the RX8  in 2020. There is no any info about the release date. Then, how about the prices? Some rumors said that the upcoming RX8 would be priced around $33,000 for the basic model. You have to wait for the RX8 official release date and price of the new 2020 Mazda RX8.

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