2020 Honda S2000 Super Sedan

2020 Honda S2000
2020 Honda S2000

Honda has not officially confirmed to launch the 2020 Honda S2000.  It’s a sports car with the modern and futuristic design and a powerful engine. There are many rumors that this new Honda S2000 will hit the market in 2020. Although it’s still a rumor, it will be interesting to talk about it. There are many predictions for the exterior, interior, engine specs, and the release date. Let’s see some details of it in this article.

2020 Honda S2000 Exterior
2020 Honda S2000 Exterior

The Exterior Design

As a modern luxurious sports car, Honda S2000 brings many improvements on the exterior design. It comes with the raised back part design in comparison to the slightly lowered hood. There are only two doors in this model. At the front, you can find the new stylish LED headlights. It comes with the new grille and air intake system.

At the back of the next Honda S2000, there will be the stylish LED taillights. It comes together with the new double exhaust pipes. Both the front and back design of Honda S2000 are stylish and luxurious. Four 22-inch alloy wheels equip this car. Some new color choices come for the upcoming model.

The Interior Design

The interior design of Honda S2000 brings luxury, comfort, and style at the same time. Both the driver and the passengers get the best driving experience inside of Honda S2000. The best materials cover for the upholstery inside the Honda S2000. The cabin size will be the same as the previous model.

The 2020 Honda S2000 dashboard design is nice and beautiful. The dashboard comes with the modern panel design covered in leather. The steering wheel also looks elegant with the premium leather covering it. The seats are very comfortable with the adjustable design and covered by premium leather. Some modern features also come such as Bluetooth, touchscreen display, USB ports, Wi-Fi, premium sound system, and navigation system.

The Powertrain

Many car enthusiasts believe that the next Honda S2000 will use the powerful and aggressive engine. The rumor said that a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine would be used to produce the power. Some other rumors said that the engine would be paired with the electric one that makes this car as a hybrid car. The engine is capable of delivering 350 horsepower. It uses the 7-speed automatic transmission with the dual clutch system.

The Prices

The base model of Honda S2000 is expected to be priced around $44,000. The release date is still a mystery because Honda has not confirmed it officially. Many people are the very enthusiast for the release date info and the price of this new sports car. Hopefully, Honda will release the 2020 Honda S2000 in 2020.

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