2020 Dodge Rampage Ready to Hit the Market

2020 Dodge Rampage
2020 Dodge Rampage

The 2020 Dodge Rampage will hit the market in 2020. It’s a great choice for them who search for the comfort powerfulness, and safety. The current model of Dodge Rampage looks great in term of style and performance. It comes with the unique design of mini pickup truck. The back doors use the slide way to be opened. For the upcoming model, the Dodge Rampage is rumored to bring some improvements. Let’s see some details about this new car in this article.

2020 Dodge Rampage Exterior
2020 Dodge Rampage Exterior

2020 Dodge Rampage Exterior Design

The exterior design of the Dodge Rampage next model is expected to be stylish, modern, and strong. Some rumors said that the cargo at the back would be larger than the previous model. The 22-inch alloy wheels are still used to provide stability and comfort for the driver and the passengers of the Dodge Rampage. Some other improvements also can be found at the front. The use of LED headlights is a must for this new pickup truck.

The new double flare bumper also can be found at the front. It gives an elegant and smooth look for the next Rampage model. The front grille also gets improvements. The 60-side crossbar grille is installed along with the new headlights.

2020 Dodge Rampage Interior
2020 Dodge Rampage Interior

2020 Dodge Rampage Interior Design

As a modern and futuristic pickup truck, the 2020 Dodge Rampage interior is equipped with the high-quality materials. The dashboard design will be new and fresh. The new touchscreen display will be installed to its futuristic dashboard. The steering wheel is covered with the high-quality leather. The seats also look stylish and comfortable using the highest leather material as the cover.

The cabin size is still the same as the previous model. It provides comfort and style at the same time for both the driver and the passengers. The space for the head and the leg is very comfortable. Some other modern features also can be found in this new Dodge Rampage such as USB ports, Wi-Fi, navigation control, cruise, and entertainment system.

2020 Dodge Rampage Engine Specs

The new engine specs will be installed in this car. The HEMI 5.7-liter V8 will be used for this car. This powerful and modern engine is combined with Chrysler’s Multi-Displacement system. This engine is capable of producing 345 horsepower. The transmission system uses the 5-speed automatic transmission. The fuel consumption is predicted in the range of 15 mpg to 18 mpg. Some rumors said that diesel engine might also be available.

2020 Dodge Rampage Release Date and Price

The release date is still a mystery for the next Dodge Rampage. Many car enthusiasts predict that it will be launched in the mid or at the end of 2020. The price for the next Rampage model is predicted between $30,000 to $40,000. Let’s wait for the 2020 Dodge Rampage to hit the market.

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