2020 Acura RLX the Beast on the Road

acura rlx 1 - 2020 Acura RLX the Beast on the Road
2020 Acura RLX

A high-speed premium sedan, the 2020 Acura RLX, is ready to rocks the automobile market. Acura as the premium brand of Honda, makes this luxurious sedan to compete with its competitors.

Some rumor say that Acura RLX will enter the market at the beginning of 2020. Many people get curious with the improvements of the upcoming RLX model. The body changes and engine upgrade may be the focus of people attention.

2020 Acura RLX Exterior Design
2020 Acura RLX Exterior Design

Some improvements of the exterior give stylish appearance. Honda will bring some changes for the interior design using new features and technologies. A new stylish sedan will born and beats all of its competitor in the market.

The Exterior Design

The exterior may not come with many changes., but the appearance of this sedan still looks amazing. one of the major improvement is the  2.4-inch of ground clearance and has low slide-line.

The chassis of new RLX may use a lighter material than the current model. This premium sedan has less weight that results stunning fuel consumption. The acceleration is better than the previous RLX model.

The design of the front and the back bumper of Acura RLX 2020 is very stylish. The grills design also comes with new chrome finish. the combination of the new bumper and grill design create an outstanding appearance for this sedan.

The Acura RLX front design uses new chrome detailing that makes this sedan looks very elegant. At the back, the taillights use the LED lights technology for the best illumination. The 19-inch allow wheels will equip this sedan.  There is also an option for 21-inch alloy wheels for 2020 Acura RLX.

2020 Acura RLX Interior
2020 Acura RLX Interior

The Interior Design

Let’s move to the interior design.  The new RLX comes with a spacious cabin that is very comfortable to accommodate up to five passengers. They will get spacious leg and head room.  Comfortable seats using the premium leather provide the best driving experience inside this car.

The new RLX uses 10-inch touch screen display at the dashboard. It provides the best navigation and entertainment for the driver and passengers. The high quality stereo sound system improves the comfort inside this sedan.

The Power Train

Acura RLX 2020 comes in two engine types, the conventional and hybrid engine type. The engine is 3.5-liter V6 engine combined with the 6-speed automatic transmission. It produces 320 HP and 280 pounds of torque.

The hybrid engine will have the same engine capacity, a 3.5-liter V-6 engine equipped with an electric motor. The electric motor adds more horsepower than the standard version. The engine will be able to deliver 390 HP and 320 pounds of torque.

The Prices

There is no any official information from Acura about the prices.  Many people believe that is a little bit more expensive than the current model. The 2020 Acura RLX is the masterpiece of premium sedan.

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