2020 Acura TSX as A New Premium Sedan

2020 Acura TSX
2020 Acura TSX

Many people are waiting for the launch of 2020 Acura TSX. This new stylish TSX Acura sedan will bring many changes and improvements which make it better than the previous models. It is expected to be a new stylish and modern sedan from Acura.

The Acura TSX model is very popular worldwide for its style and design. The design of this sedan is stunning, elegant, and sporty.

The engine for the next generation of Acura TSX brings some improvements. It has more horsepower and torque than the current TSX model. We will also get better acceleration in this upcoming new model.

Many gossips and rumors about this new TSX spreads rapidly. The rumors say that the exterior and interior design, the engine specs and performance, and the fuel consumption are amazing.  The release date and prices are still unfixed.

2020 Acura TSX Exterior
2020 Acura TSX Exterior

The Exterior Design   

Let’s talk about the exterior design first. It’s always very interesting to compare the exterior of a new TSX with the previous model. There are some improvements can be found in the new Audi A6.

The upcoming Acura TSX sedan still use the same body dimension with some changes. It brings the new looks at the front end. The use new headlight using xenon headlights gives stylish appearance at the front.

The xenon headlights give you the best illumination for any condition. The new grills design of Acura TSX  makes the front end looks amazing. You can still find the Acura logo at the front.

The 2020 Acura TSX is rumored to use lighter body materials. Surely it  reduces the body weight and give the better fuel consumption than the predecessor and also gets fast acceleration.

2020 Acura TSX Interior
2020 Acura TSX Interior

The Interior Design

The Acura TRX 2020 gets some changes for the interior. Acura chooses the finest materials for the comfort and best driving experience. The seats can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Using the best leather materials for the seat, it’s truly a high-class luxurious sedan.

Acura TSX model brings touchscreen display to help you controlling the car. It also gives you many information or the navigation, weather condition, maps, and entertainment.

The Power Train

The Acura TSX 2020 may have two options for the engine. The first one come in 2.4 liters with the 4-cylinder V4 engine. It can deliver up to 201 HP and 172 pounds of torque.

The next option of the engine may come with the turbocharged engines. It has 5.0-liter V6 engine with turbocharged. It’s a powerful engine that deliver 305 HP and 254 pounds of torque.

There are also two options for the transmission system. The 6-speed automatic transmission system and the 5-speed manual transmission system. Both of them will give you a powerful engine performance.

The Prices

Some rumors say that Acura TSX will be priced starting from $40,000 for the basic model and $50,000 for the higher model. Prepare you self for the official launch of  2020 Acura TSX.


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